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Series Shan Bawu KONTAKT

Series Shan Bawu KONTAKT: A Virtual Instrument for Chinese Flute Lovers

If you are looking for a realistic and expressive virtual instrument that can capture the sound and style of the Chinese flute, you might want to check out Series Shan Bawu KONTAKT by Embertone. This is a solo instrument developed in collaboration with world flutist William Arnold, who recorded a series of wind instruments from different cultures and regions. The Shan Bawu, or "Mountain Flute", is the first in this series, and it features a pure, clarinet-like timbre that can be played with various transitions and ornaments.

What is the Shan Bawu?

The Shan Bawu is a Chinese wind instrument that originated from the Yi people of southwestern China. It is made from a bamboo tube with a single reed and seven finger holes. The instrument has a range of about two octaves, and it can produce a variety of tones by bending the pitch with the embouchure and fingering. The Shan Bawu is often used to play solo melodies with rich ornamentation, such as turns, trills, and slides. The instrument has a distinctive sound that resembles a clarinet crossed with a bagpipe, and it can express both joy and sorrow with its emotive voice.


What are the features of Series Shan Bawu KONTAKT?

Series Shan Bawu KONTAKT is a virtual instrument that aims to recreate the authentic playing style of the Shan Bawu. It is compatible with Kontakt Full 5.4.1 or higher, and it requires 500 MB of disk space and 4 GB of RAM. The instrument offers four types of legato transitions: slur, slide, ornamental, and micro phrase. The micro phrases are elaborate phrases created by William Arnold himself, and they can add more realism and expression to your performance. You can also adjust the vibrato, dynamics, reverb, and other parameters to suit your preference. The instrument comes with a simple and intuitive interface that allows you to switch between different modes and settings easily.

How to use Series Shan Bawu KONTAKT?

To use Series Shan Bawu KONTAKT, you need to have Kontakt Full 5.4.1 or higher installed on your computer. You can load the instrument as a plug-in in any VST/AU/RTAS/AAX compatible host program or DAW, such as Cubase, Logic, Ableton Live, Digital Performer, Reaper, Pro-Tools, Sonar, etc. Once you load the instrument, you can play it with your MIDI keyboard or controller, or you can use the on-screen keyboard to trigger the notes. You can also use the key switches to change the legato mode and other settings on the fly. You can find more information about how to use Series Shan Bawu KONTAKT in the user manual that comes with the product.

Where to buy Series Shan Bawu KONTAKT?

You can buy Series Shan Bawu KONTAKT from Embertone's official website. The price is $30 USD, and you can pay with PayPal or credit card. You will receive an email with a download link and an activation code after you complete your purchase. You can also listen to some audio demos and watch some video tutorials on their website to get a better idea of what Series Shan Bawu KONTAKT can do.


Series Shan Bawu KONTAKT is a virtual instrument that offers a realistic and expressive simulation of the Chinese flute. It is suitable for anyone who wants to add some ethnic flavor and diversity to their music production or composition. It is easy to use and customize, and it can deliver stunning results with minimal effort. If you are interested in Series Shan Bawu KONTAKT, you can visit Embertone's website to learn more about it and buy it online.

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